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In this section you will get to know about the famous Havelis of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Havelis of Jaisalmer

The city of Jaisalmer has witnessed different forms of architecture in different eras. The ancient times saw dominating Rajputana architecture where as the medieval period witnessed the fusion of Rajputana and subtle Islamic architecture. It is this era that saw the construction of most of the Havelis. Haveli is places, which served as the residence of Wazirs i.e. ministers and landlords. Usually they are very big and have lots of rooms and open space.

There is no dearth of Havelis in Jaisalmer as the place has witnessed many wazirs and Landlords. The most famous among these is Patwon Ji ki Haveli. This Haveli was the first in Jaisalmer that is why it has greater significance. This Haveli became the pioneer of the constructions in Jaisalmer. Patwon Ji ki Haveli is actually the collection of 5 small Havelis.

If you want to witness the continuity in design, you will have to visit Nathmal Ji ki Haveli. Take a close look at the subtle fusion of Rajasthani and Islamic school of architecture. It is a Haveli constructed by two brothers. There are interesting stories related to its construction. They give an insight to the then prevailing forms of Architecture.

Last but not the least among major Havelis is Salim Ji ki haveli. Built in 1815, this Haveli is famous for its unique architecture based on the Peacock. Have a view of the city from one of its numerous balconies and you will get the real picture of the bustling city.

Havelis in Jaisalmer

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